Daily Doodle #53: The Mentor's Gift

Watercolor on paper. 6" x 8 1/2". 12/27/2013. Win it here.  Purchase a print here.

Titles and Captions From the Scribblers:

"Her mother had warned her not to trust the bird people, but when she looked into Jose's eyes all her mother's warnings fled from her mind." -Elijah H.

"A divine love. Isis and Quetzalcoatl meet halfway between their homelands to enjoy an intimate rendezvous beneath starry Atlantlean skies." -James L.

"Warm from the winter's weather in an angel's wing..." -Valerie

"Gonna wrap you up in my love" -Karri M.

"Here's what this couple said before this Daily Doodle was painted. I wrote it down word for word. I was there, so you can trust me on this...
He: "What should we go to the costume party as?"
Her: "I think you should go as a white feathered bird."
He: "Ahh, like an albino Hawk? Done. I think you should go as Cleopatra, but only wearing some beads and girlie stuff in your hair, and nothing else."
Her: "Hmmm... I'll think about that.""
-Casey M.

Thoughts from the Doodler:

In the third stage of Joseph Campbell's "Hero's Journey Cycle," the hero, who has been called upon to leave the ordinary life for adventure, meets her mentor, a source of wisdom and encouragement, before crossing the threshold into the perilous unknown.

I imagine that moment with the mentor, like being in the eye of a storm, quiet and serene, held safely in silver wings, gaining confidence and resolve for the journey ahead.


A brief conversation between the Doodler and the Doodle-Song Sommelier:

Sommelier: Long flowing hair, long flowing feathers, wing wrapped around to make the shape of a heart -- this is rock opera power-ballad stuff. I think the song for this is "Angel" by Aerosmith.

Doodler: I'm seeing the third stage of Joseph Campbell's "Hero's Journey Cycle," but what do YOU see?

Sommelier: I wish I knew you saw it that way when I chose the song. I actually toyed with "Set Them Free" by Sting and "Free As a Bird" by The Beatles. I didn't pick them because I thought they were too lesson-y. I wanted something that captured more of the relationship I saw in this. So "Angel" by Aerosmith is still definitely my pick; but. if you see it more as a mentor-student relationship, one of those might work better for you.

Doodler: I love it with Aerosmith's Angel. Because these are doodles (which I define more by their improvisational nature than by anything else) my thoughts on them are interpretations not intentions, so have no more inherent veracity than any other thoughts or interpretations of them. In fact, much of my joy stems from discovering my art through other people's eyes who have completely different perspectives on it than me. Also, creating them and sharing them in a single day, means I am often far too close to see all that it could mean anyway. So far, responses to this doodle have ranged from comical to mythological. Stick with the Aerosmith, Trusted Sommelier!

And the real treat that comes with this doodle, is a story, scribbled for it by Cyndi Deaton. Enjoy!

Rosca knew she was in trouble when she walked into the room. The eyes of the men narrowed as they saw her step forward. She wore the battlements of a warrior, and with her slight shape, the garments seemed awkward and overwhelming on her. But they weren’t. She felt more at home in these clothes than she did in the robes that she’d been raised to wear. But that didn’t mean that these men saw her that way.

“What do you want here, young woman?” asked the Elder. He was the highest authority present, so Rosca addressed herself to him.

“You called for a champion to fight for the woman you hold prisoner.” The woman in question wasn’t even in the room. The deadline for a champion to step forward to defend her honor was today, and these men didn’t even see fit to have her present to see if someone would step up.

“We did. But you are not a champion. You are a woman in a champion’s clothes.”

“I am willing to stand up for her; the clothes do not matter. It is what is in my heart that does.”

(Read the rest of Cyndi's story here.)


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