Daily Doodle #52: The Missing Pieces

Watercolor collage. 6" x 8 1/2". 12/27/2013. Win it here. Purchase a print of it here.

From the Scribblers:

"This makes me think of how all of our life experiences, all of the people we've met etc are pieces of us and we share those experiences with the world through art, music, advice, etc. I like it! And I like that the pieces are pinkish, like little flowers!" -Dea A.

"There are no missing pieces" -John B.

"Sometimes it's difficult to figure out where the pieces of our lives fit." -Elijah H.

"Totally Puzzled" -Chris M.

"This is a very beautiful doodle. I feel sad, though, looking at it, because the person is losing pieces of her/him self, and the poignancy of the two pieces at bottom left that don't actually fit together. The holidays are wonderful for so many people, but lonely and difficult for others." -Jessica G.

"I walk through the world,
Pausing to smell a flower,
See a new place,

Read a book,
Meet a new person.
Each new experience
Becomes a piece of me
Filling in what I am missing.

And in return,

I fill in missing pieces in the world."  -Cyndi D.

From the Doodler: The idea of making little jigsaw watercolor pieces and playing with them metaphorically came from last night's doodle.  I'm thinking of having this image made into an actual jigsaw puzzle. What do you think?

From the Doodle/Song Sommelier:

I learned of a song I didn't know of before because of this doodle. I found one new piece knowledge out of all my missing ones. First, I thought of "Jigsaw Puzzle" by The Rolling Stones -- great song, but totally wrong for this. I thought of "Fortress Around Your Heart" by Sting -- better, but still not right. Then I thought how this reminded me of The Sorcerer's Apprentice from Fantasia somehow -- and that music works pretty well with it. But it still wasn't thematically right. Then I thought, "You know what, why don't I just search for songs about puzzle pieces?" I found a song that is thematically identical to this doodle, and just the right fit for it: "Missing Piece" by David Choi.


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