Daily Doodle #54: A Playground of Everyday Miracles

Watercolor and permanent ink on paper. 6" x 8 1/2". 12/29/2013.  Win it here.

Thoughts from the Doodler:

This doodle of swirling lines evolved into a whole ecosystem, each piece stretching  and reaching out to support the growth of another piece.  The forces that support our growth are often hidden and mysterious, and like parts of this doodle, might not make any sense at all. I've always been curious about why each branch of a tree chooses that time and place to depart the trunk and set off on its own.  If there is a point to this whole "being gig", perhaps it is simply to discover and fulfill our own unique potential, and in making the whole more beautiful and true, we become part of that wondrous armature supporting and calling forth the mysteries of life. 

Also, as this doodle was coming to be, I realized one of my joys as a visual artist is creating a  playground for your eyes.  I hope you enjoy it!

From the Scribblers:

"Bodies playing and singing
to the earth we were born to
be entwined with."
-Sarah B.

"Eliza Furmansky, this doodle is awesome! I don't have a title for it, but it makes me think that in order to live on this planet the best way that we can, we must choose to live as if all organisms are one. We need to make choices that benefit every living thing, not just humanity. That message seems to be very hazy right now." -Sarah Q.

"We set feet upon our paths.
Unexpectedly, other hands reach out to give aid.
We turn and look into the face of a stranger.

In that face, we see echoes of our own striving.
Stranger becomes friend,
And intertwined we become stronger.
Each connection raising us higher,
Closer to our goal.

Hold out your hand and I’ll hold out mine. Together we can achieve more than we could alone. And when someone takes your other hand, and another takes mine, again we will grow. Our reach will expand. We will be more, do more than we could alone. As hands continue to join, we will be more than we ever hoped to be. And miracles will be manifest." -Cyndi D.

"Caring hands and flowers of Hope - The whole world can be a playground of everyday miracles - even if you're not a Djini. Another colorful public service announcement from Eliza Furmansky." -James L.

"As for titles, I just thought "Faith" when I saw it." -Mario G.

"I like this piece because it's so colorful and whimsical. What a great way to start a Monday morning!" -Astrid V.

"Beautiful. You can't ever underestimate the power of a helping hand to foster the growth of gorgeous flowers." -Hilary P.

"Where ground and sky hold hands." -Elijah H.

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