Doodle #84: "I love you, Universe!"

Watercolor on paper. 5 1/2" x 8 1/4" Win it here and PURCHASE A PRINT HERE

This one started out as a little stick figure standing on the top of the world.

My improv group used to be called "Fat Kid Magic." I didn't like the name much until I thought about illustrating it- a bunch of kids playing make believe in an attic- a trunk full of mismatched costume possibilities, flashlights and forts, and everything fun about friends and imagination. The name of the group changed to "Improv Anonymous" before I ever got around to making that illustration, but I think this is clearly one of the "fat kids," all dressed up, and creating the universe.


To win the original painting, share this link on your facebook page and tag or message Eliza Furmansky Fine Art  so I know to put your name in my daily lottery jar.  If I've "liked" your post, you know you're in the jar.

Add a title, story, lyric, or thought inspired by this doodle, and I'll put your name in twice! I LOVE reading your responses and interpretations! Thank you.

The Drawing for the original will be Tuesday night, 6/3/2014!

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