Doodle #83: For Adriene

Watercolor on paper. 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" Win it here. PURCHASE A PRINT HERE.

Dedicated to my awesome sister in law, Adriene. She gave birth to her first child, my nephew, Winter Alexander, on May 3rd.  I've been thinking about them a lot, even though I haven't been able to fly out and visit in person yet.

A little bit about Adriene- She's from a small working farm in Colorado, and has adventured all over world while helping people- traveling on a fishing boat, working for the Peace Corps in Africa, doctoring in small Alaskan towns, in Ethiopia, in Israel, in New Mexico... and all with this unassuming, humble, steady nature. She's patient and she's brave.

When I last saw her she was seven months pregnant, and already intentionally making her body a healthy, wonderful environment for little Winter.

This doodle emerged as I was thinking about her- peaceful, powerful, loving -Adriene.

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The Drawing for the original will be Tuesday night, 5/27/2014!

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