Doodle #70: Sea of Opportunity

Acrylic on canvas. 6" x 8". 2/9/14. Win it here and PURCHASE A PRINT HERE.

This is my first doodle in acrylic. It grew out of little demos I was giving at yesterday's Open Art Studio.  I was demonstrating a value gradation for one artist, and using painters tape as a mask for another artist.

The title came from a conversation I had afterwards in which someone saw the little squares as windows to other dimensions. I liked this interpretation. -It's like the Blues of too much opportunity.  Also, I'd had several conversations at Studio with people being confronted with SO MANY art materials and ideas they wanted to play with at once!

I'm still a little frustrated with my photography skills (or lack there of): the blues in the actual doodle are phthalo, looking much richer and more turquoise than you see here in the photo.

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The Drawing for the original will be Tuessday night, 2/18/2014!

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