Doodle #71: Frolic


Acrylic on paper. 5" x 5". 2/9/14. Win it here and PURCHASE A PRINT HERE.


After the last Open Art Studio, I used the left over paint on someone's palette to make this doodle.  It's the first time that I remember using acrylics on watercolor paper.  It was fun playing with the texture, and meeting this happy little seamonster playing with a golden ball -what a frolic! (I checked the spelling of frolic just now, for some reason I always think there's a k on the end, and discovered the precise definition is "to amuse oneself, make merry, to be full of fun." Spot on!

I pre-doodled this one because I was headed out on an adventure to Colorado and New Mexico which included much frolicking in hot springs and on ski mountains with family and friends, old and new.  This doodle was apt and delightful foreshadowing for a wonderful vacation.

This doodle has been won, with the title, "The Mermaid and the Moon."

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