Doodle #99: Eating the Night

Mixed media on paper. 8 1/2" x 5 1/2" Win it here and PURCHASE A PRINT HERE.

This doodle was inspired by last week's trip to the Dr. Sun Yat‑Sen Classical Chinese Garden in Vancouver, where I purchased a book of Chinese Ghost Stories, and a new calligraphy book for the Open Art Studio.  I think the colors and the night sky were influenced by a spontaneous lesson about the Aurora Borealis I taught this week, and thematically, it's about what to do when a storm of hurt and anger unexpectedly arrives on your doorstep (been a hell of a week). All that tossed itself onto the page, and we have the Eater of Darkness, just in time for Halloween!

I'd love to know what the myth behind the Night Eater is.... what do you think? 

To win the original "Eating the Night" painting, share this link on your facebook page and tag or message Eliza Furmansky Fine Art  so I know to put your name in my lottery jar.  If I've "liked" your post, you know you're in the drawing.

Add the myth, or a title, lyric, or thought, and I'll put your name in twice! I love reading your responses and interpretations!

Thank you!

The Drawing for the original will be Wednesday night, 10/22/2014!

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