Daily Doodle #64: First Green

Watercolor on paper. 8" x 6".  1/12/14. Win it here.  Purchase a print here.

From the Doodler:

Before the drawing- Yesterday, I woke up to one of the gloomiest Seattle days I've experienced in some time, and was so thankful to spot some green shoots coming up in a neighbor's garden.  Today, when I started this doodle, it was all red rock formations, and then, like yesterday's surprise, a seed dropped in, and opened green life upon the doodle world. If your world right now is drenched in gloom or frozen in ice, just remember spring is nigh.

After the drawing- I must admit, this is not one of my favorite doodles.  It feels like it's rehashing some other doodles, the djinis from #45 "Blossoming", these formations that happen when I improvise with paint sometimes (you can see them in  #49 as floating bubble people, and in an older oil painting as "The Forces beneath the Stories").  I was concerned that the well had finally run dry.  So, it was this amazing experience to discover all of this inspiration from the scribblers, the sommelier, and out of nowhere, a "doodle musician", that's right- this doodle somehow sparked some original pickings from a banjo player!  So, a big giant SHOUT OF GRATITUDE to the doodle supporters and contributors out there, and an apology for no new doodle today.  There will be a fresh one tomorrow, I promise! And now for the treats:

Introducing our first original Doodle Song!!!!!!!!

Check out this banjo riffin' from the talented Jeff Greenlee, titled, "Sounds from Sunday Evening"; I think we've found ourselves a doodle musician, yee haw!

From the Scribblers:

"The 'Magic Nut' dropped from the Miracle Tree, and bounced on the ground until it cracked like a baby chick pecking out of its shell. The green fog hissed from the crack, and the world around it transformed. Rocks began to swim, air puddled and clumped in the sky, water froze in the warm air. Among the few brave souls to ever consider breathing the mist was a curious young woman. Her fate was unknown until she took her first deep breath. She hesitated, then entered the fog, never to be the same flesh and bone again. Who stepped from the fog was Scrappy Angel - the cardboard, watercolor and ink goddess we know today."

-Casey Muldoon


"Like Hope and Truth, Life always finds a way."

-James Leonard


"Her Favorite Color

Nature in all her glory
Wears prismatic garments
Proud to display her apparel
For the admiration of all

But winter nips at her heels
And she strips herself
Of the fancy clothing
To take refuge
In her white blanket

When she readies herself
For the spring soirees
She chooses to don first
The truest green"

-Cyndi Deaton

From the Doodle-Song Sommelier:

These abstract ones are nice for anyone doing their own musical pairings because they really work well with most music. Much like with Doodle #49, "Lava Lamp Dreams," the first thing I see is some sort of nebula; and, I want music from Vangelis from the soundtrack of the old "Cosmos" tv show. But, I see your title and motivation for the piece and decide to let it influence me. I thought of maybe following my choice for "Lava Lamp Dreams" and selecting Beethoven's 6th Symphony, "The Pastoral Symphony." But that's about being in the spring; and, this is more about the melancholy of winter, the wistfulness for spring when it's winter, and how it's not that easy to get to that spring green. (For this same reason "Spring" from the "The Four Seasons" by Vivaldi is not a great choice either -- though "Winter" from "The Four Seasons" works nicely if you're looking for something Baroque to go with this.) That's why my choice for this is "Bein' Green" by Jim Henson as Kermit The Frog.