Daily Doodle #63: Doodle Rider

8 1/2" x 6". Watercolor and permanent ink on paper. 1/10/14. Purchase a print here.

Our most committed Scribbler, Cyndi Deaton, has started knitting quite a yarn around this doodle:

Standing outside her parents’ home, Ella looked at the vines in the distance reaching up toward the sky. She loved the way they tangled together, becoming woven into an intricate pattern of leaves and light. Her parents had read to her the cautionary tale of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, and when she was old enough, she’d read it herself. It was almost required reading for parents and their children – a warning to children carried into adulthood.

She had often wondered about the real Jack and what had happened to him. A good cautionary tale had at least the bare bones of truth strung with a bright skin of exaggeration. She’d always gotten a good laugh about the magical beans. Who needed magical beans when there were vines everywhere that grew to the sky on their own? Ella had climbed those vines herself many times as a child. But she’d never climbed to the top. That silly story had put a fear in her that she had always obeyed. Now that she was older, she’d outgrown her desire to climb for climbing’s sake, and only ventured up a vine when she needed a better vantage point for her drawing.

She gathered up her sketch book, pencils, and pens into her satchel. Ella had always been captivated by the beauty of the natural world, and loved to capture it in her sketches. Tonight, she planned on venturing out to see the desert beauty in the light of the moon. The desert blooms must be lovely in the shadows cast by moonlight.

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