Daily Doodle #50: Christmas Eve Eyes

Watercolor and permanent ink on paper. Approximately 5" x 8". 12/24/2013. Win it here.

From the Doodler:

I think my favorite thing about this doodle was the little guy sitting next to me making his own doodle.  It's a sparkly sunset orange doodle with him and Kirby standing on the roof of a house between two big trees. I loved hearing his excitement exploring with my iridescent watercolors: "This would make great dragon scales. Ooh, look at THAT!...." It totally reconnected me with the spirit of play and exploration at the heart of The Daily Doodle Project. I hope you're all reconnected with something important to YOU today. Enjoy your day!

From the Scribbler:

With wishful eyes, he watches the family gather. Hidden among the boughs of the tree, he watches the young ones run and squeal in delight. He sees the knowing looks and conspiratorial winks passing between the older ones.

He watches as colorful packages are torn open, spilling their contents among the bits of paper and ribbon; each revelation pulling another squeal of delight, another spark of joy. He watches as the colored paper piles high, and the precious treasures mound even higher. The traditions of this culture are foreign to him, but love and laughter are universal languages, and he drinks in the familiar feelings with a sigh of recognition.

When the packages are emptied, the room still feels full to overflowing with love and contentment. He looks upon the colorful destruction laying at the foot of the tree and wishes that the feelings that surround him could be wrapped up in a package and tied with a bow; held safely for all time. But nothing can hold back the passage of time; and feelings fade with time, losing their hold on the hearts that contain them.

And with a touch of sadness, he turns to leave, and the day draws to a close. -Cyndi D.

From the Doodle/Song Sommelier:

The song for this is unquestionably "The Trees" by Rush. -Dan A.

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