Daily Doodle #49: Lava Lamp Dreams

Watercolor on paper. 5" x 8 1/2". Win it here.  Purchase a print here.

From the Scribbler:

Floating within
The vast expanse of
What is known
And unknown
Finding that
The most unknowable
Is within

From the Sommelier:

This one is interesting because it really subsumes whatever song you pick for it. I tried several myself, and they all work. This first reminded me of nebulas. So I tried some stuff from Vangelis to go with it. It worked. I tried Cyndi Lauper's "Above the Clouds" with it. That worked too -- made it feel more uplifting. I tried Dave Brubeck's "Stardust" with it, and that made it feel sadder and more wistful. In the end, I wanted to give this more "oomf" and make it feel bigger with the music to get that feel of creation of joy. So I'm going with Beethoven's 9th as my pick for this. I think the first minute of it works especially well with this.

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