Daily Doodle #43: Bar Napkin Doodle

Pen and marker on bar paper. 4" x 5 1/2". 12/12/13. Win it here.

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Drawing will be the evening of 12/18.

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I knew eventually my time management would slip and I'd have to do some sort of "bar napkin doodle." Here it is.

I was enjoying a holiday toast with my improv group, recently renamed "Improv Anonymous," at Sonya's, and at about 11pm, I said I should go "doodle."

They said, "Doodle here!"

Holly supplied a pen, the bartender supplied a scrap of paper and a bill booklet to doodle upon, and Tony supplied his cell phone to take a picture, and post to my website, which we managed to do at 12:02am.

I added a little color when I got home.

"To imperfection. Cheers!" proclaims the slightly inebriated doodler.

Next Day Thoughts:

I hate this doodle. Viscerally. Maybe I'll call it, "Don't listen to Lady Mezcal... ever."

Best thing to come out of it is this wonderful bit of writing from one of the biggest supporters of The Daily Doodle:

"Jerome was ready to step out tonight! He dressed to impress; he even wore his monocle. He'd heard this bar was a wild one. He found out the truth of that statement when the woman sitting next to him leaned over and blew in his ear. Her touch, her breath... the intimacy... it startled him, and though he was ashamed to admit it, made him feel - - pretty." -C.D.

and the song pairing of "It's All Too Much" by The Beatles from D.A.