Daily Doodle #42: Ghosts in Time

Watercolor on paper. 8 1/2" x 5 1/2". 12/16/13.  Win it here.   Purchase a print here.

I came down from Cloud Doodles, still wanting to improvise with black watercolor on paper. I know there's a story here, but it hasn't fully emerged for me yet. Perhaps as people share this one, and comment on it, it will become more clear.

I like how the river flows over the land in different eras, and I'm very curious about the shadowy figure moving through the trees following the wisps of something flying out of the picture frame.  Is this the ghost of the person whose skull we see, breaking the current of time?


To win the original of this painting, share this link on your facebook page and tag or message Eliza Furmansky Fine Art  so I know to put your name in my daily lottery jar. 

Add a title, story, lyric, or thought inspired by this doodle, and I'll put your name in twice! I LOVE reading your thoughts! Thank you.

Drawing will be the evening of 12/17.

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I posted this one late last night, and already people have shared some really cool thoughts, titles and songs.  Here a few I grabbed this morning:

"He crept to the edge of his world - a place of dark wonders, a place she found terrifying - and surreptitiously sent out a message to her world - a world of light that he was sure held wonders of its own."  -from CD

"I think they're Nature's sentinels...watching out for travelers who need the cover of night to arrive at their destination...protectors of the marginalized." -from V.

"Because I could not stop for Death
He kindly stopped for me
The Carriage held but just Ourselves
And Immortality." -Emily Dickinson -from EH

"Yay! makes me think of the River Stix, receiving a transmission from Higher Power on a sacred hill, swirling winds and spirits, Nature's secret alchemy that happens while everyone else is sleeping, ... awesome!  ...Intrapsychic terrain for sure." -from NW

Song pairings:

   Bastille's  'Oblivion' -from JH.

  'O Death' from O Brother Where Art There -from DA

  Creedence Clearwater Revival's "BAD MOON RISING " -from CH

Titles: Flesh becomes water wood becomes bone (SQ), Mushroom Hunting (EL), Unicorn Hunting (JB), Moon River (JK)

Thanks everyone! Keep 'em coming!