Doodle #96: Earth Womb

Oil and india ink on canvas ~ 8" x 5 1/2". Mixed media on paper. 8" x 5" Win it here and PURCHASE A PRINT HERE.

First time using oils over india ink. I didn't love how the ink worked on the canvas (I prefer how it moves on paper) but it dries quickly and permanently, which is perfect for the impatient oil painter who wants to glaze.


While doodling, I was listening to "Apocalypse: A Lifting of the Veil," a profoundly transformative women's choral concert, created and conducted by my new piano teacher, Tess Orozco.  The compositions from cultures around the world are powerful, playful, deeply evocative... and the beating heartbeat of this doodle.  You can listen to the full concert, or just enjoy a taste of one of the songs here.


To win the original "Earth Womb" painting, share this link on your facebook page and tag or message Eliza Furmansky Fine Art  so I know to put your name in my lottery jar.  If I've "liked" your post, you know you're in the drawing.

Add a title, story, lyric, or thought, and I'll put your name in twice! I love reading your responses and interpretations!

Thank you!

The Drawing for the original will be Friday night, 9/26/2014!

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