Doodle #81: Journey into Myth

India ink and watercolor on paper.  8" x 5 1/2".  Win it here and PURCHASE A PRINT HERE.

I'm always grateful and a little bit sad when people give me boxes of unused art supplies.  I imagine them, full of vision and possibility, enthusiastically opening the art store doors and purchasing the colors, blank canvases, limestone, easel that wind up unused.  I mourn for the unfulfilled dreams, and...... I LOVED playing with bottles full of india inks coming from just such a box.  They glide across the paper leaving vibrant color in their wake.  The first mark in this doodle was a blue swirl that became a wave carrying a Viking ship beneath a sky of myths, carrying left over dreams from a dreamy moment in an art store to a doodler in an open art studio.

By the way, your boxes of dreams and you are always welcome the first Sunday of every month at my art studio.  Come play, and see where the materials will carry you!


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Add a title, story, lyric, or thought inspired by this doodle, and I'll put your name in twice! I LOVE reading your responses and interpretations! Thank you.

The Drawing for the original will be Tuesday night, 5/13/2014!

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