Doodle #77: Pisces Dreamer

Watercolor and india ink on paper. 5 1/2" x 8 1/2".  4/6/2014. Win it here. PURCHASE A PRINT HERE.

This feels like the first real improvisational doodle I've done in a while. Except that I've been doodling like mad on my new phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 3). And yes, that's that huge tablet looking phone with a stylus that I can doodle with!!!!  But nothing is quite like moving pigment around on a layer of water as it soaks into the strands of fiber on a sheet of paper.

This lady has a funny sort of smile, that she's hiding with a swath of ocean hair, inhabited by magical silver marine life.

What's her story?

*Love this poem, written by Jeff Greenlee, about this one:

sealed to wind and the move
and wind and the pace and to love and the
beginning looking back to tail to life to elder
to over the end of what i am and what I was and where I am and where I was
and the dance and the direction and the
way my mind floats in weeds and seas I do not recognize

and its all water
and things in water
and water in things
and water
in the alpha
in the wind
in the end

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Add a title, story, lyric, or thought inspired by this doodle, and I'll put your name in twice! I LOVE reading your responses and interpretations! Thank you.

The Drawing for the original will be Tuesday night, 4/15/2014!

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