Daily Doodle #65: Stellar Migration

Watercolor and permanent ink on paper. 8" x 6"    ~Purchase a print here.

Watercolor and permanent ink on paper. 8" x 6"   ~Purchase a print here.

From the Scribblers:

Under the moon and stars, She closed her eyes.
The heavens shone down upon her
And she could see all that was
And all that had been.
She remembered those that had come before,
Who had led to her
And this life she lived.
She closed her eyes
And she gave thanks.

-Cyndi Deaton

My almost 6 year old was looking at my computer and said she likes this. I asked her for a title - she said it reminds her of the song "Cats Down Under the Stars", so there you go. "Cats Down Under the Stars" from Sammie, age 5.

-Leanna K. S.

From the Doodle-Song Sommelier:

I had a song in my head the moment I saw this. I resisted though. With the lips and stars in space I wanted to give it something profound like Richard Strauss's "Also Sprach Zarathustra." But nope. I shouldn't resist what came to my head. I gotta go with what the doodle inspired me to choose, and it's quite profound in its own way. It's another Sesame Street one. "I Don't Want to Live on the Moon" sung by Jim Henson as Ernie.

-Dan Anafi

Even the moon loses focus sometimes and instead shines its face upon another, less defined, yet perfectly split among anonymous souls. They are stars yet unborn, torn between Earth and joining the moon in the sky.

-Hannah P.

Astral Mosey -Chris Music

Breath of Life -Brie J.

They're Coming Here -Aaron J.

We are all made of stars -Elijah H.

Kiss the Moon -Mike W.

It's Raining Stars -Marne C.

The man in the moon consults with the mother divine. -Astrid V.

"'Round About Midnight." After the Miles Davis album. -Hans C.

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