Daily Doodle #29: Changing of the Guard

Permanent ink on paper. 8 1/2" x 5". 12/3/2013. Purchase a print here.

One of my favorite outcomes from The Daily Doodle Project has been reading the various captions, stories, poems, and titles written by people when they share my doodles. Sometimes, I get the gratification of having effectively communicated a feeling, or a thought through my art, and sometimes I get a glimpse into someone's life experience, or a whole new perspective on a doodle.

Here are some of my favorite responses I received from people about "Changing of the Guard":

"This one makes me think of that moment when you touch your own divinity. Just a glimpse of knowing how wonderful and special you are. How much your heart can love, how much you can hold, how much you can feel and yet . . . knowing you are so much more than can ever be revealed at once." -R.T.

"On the far end of town where the Triacrawla-grass grows, the Boo-Boo Bird found the nest of her dreams in the Spectacular tree. She could watch the skies and twilight dream, as the Sun and the Moon changed shifts to watch over her." -M.O.

"Celestial harmony and the gifts of the earth!" -S.G.

"The mystical moment when the sun and moon greet each other. Moon: 'Over to you, my golden sister.' Sun: 'Always, and now, silver one!'" -J.G.

What would you write?

The lottery drawing for this doodle has already passed, and the original is now with a beautiful traveler, mother, and Balinese dancer.  However, you can purchase a print of it for $20, if you click here.

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