Daily Doodle #47: Two Bug-Building-Bots Going for a Walk

Ink on paper. 5" x 5". 12/21/13. Win it here.

I wonder what these two little Bug-Building-Bots are discussing as they stroll? And what their footsteps sounds like...

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Drawing will be the evening of 12/22.

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From the Scribblers:

"'How much farther?' Baby asked. 'Is it miles and miles to home?'
'No,' answered Daddy. 'We are just walking around the block.'
'Can’t we just walk around you?' asked Baby.  'That would be the same thing'
Daddy had to think on that one as they continued their way around the block, the echoes of their footsteps bouncing between them; the buildings settling in creaks with each step."' -Cyndi D.

"I love the wings of the leftmost bugbot, the right guy looks a bit downhearted." -Jessica G.

"Title: Rise to the Top
I see 2-Butterflies being choked out of nature and morphing into the ever growing Mega Structure City, with 1- Butterfly not quite adapting to its new form, while the other Embracing the change and -"Rising to the Top"!
" -Russell S.


From the Doodle/Song Sommelier:

"I have two songs for this one. These are clearly some kind of building-bug transformers. I needed music that sounded like clanging buildings transforming into moving creatures. I think Beck's song "Cellphone's Dead" does this. And a few of the lines in his word salad of lyrics complement what's going on this scene. If I had to pick one song, "Cellphone's Dead" would be it. I'm including another song, though, because of the relationship between the two bugs. The little one is looking at the big one with a look that is a mixture of awe, reverence, and fear. Meanwhile, the big one is looking like some sort of condescending and conceited hero. Is he a super-hero or a super-villain? It's for this reason that I'm also including "Spider" by They Might Be Giants. It works too."