Daily Doodle #45: Blossoming

Watercolor and permanent ink on paper. 5" x 7 1/2". 12/19/13. Win it here. Buy a print here.

Much of my joy from this doodle came from the ideas that "blossomed" out of others on seeing it.

"My first impression of this was seeing a colorful djini bursting forth, eager to show his gratitude for his new freedom by seeking to perform miracles throughout the world." -J.L.

"Magic, Mystery, Beauty." -K.M.

From the Doodle/Song sommalier: "This one was an easy one for me. I needed an ethereal song with an explosion of color. I don't know if you meant it this way, but I see the red color as a heart with an end chewed off. So I needed the theme of love too. So I'm going with "Wear Your Love Like Heaven" by Donovan: " -Dan.A.

"It reminds me of a cup of coffee with love pouring out of it It does look like a heart!" Dea.A.

"A pinch of this for flavor; a splash of that for body. I stir - allowing the flavors to mingle, the textures to blend. I inhale; the steam a heady blend of scents. I pour some into the cup and set it before you. You lift the cup to your lips, and I watch as the first taste slips past your lips. My eyes catch the curve of your smile, and my heart warms." -Cyndi.D.

"Lucy, but from a vase...." -J.G.

"Rainer Cherry Bomb!!!" -E.H.

What do you see blossoming?

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