Daily Doodle #4: Night Doodle

Ink on watercolor paper. 7 1/2" x 5". 2013. Win it here. 

*To win the original of this doodle, share this link on your facebook page and tag Eliza Furmansky Fine Art in it. I'll put your name in my lottery jar and wish you luck!

I've been a little frustrated with my Daily Doodle materials so far, because I've been using a rough cold press 140 lb paper, and the pens I've had on hand haven't been flowing smoothly across it.  Since, so much of the joy and spontaneous creativity of an ink doodle comes from the fluidity of the ink swimming over the page, I've felt stymied and my opinion of my first few doodles is that they seem a little tight.

So, last night (after midnight so it still counts as today's doodle), I fully embraced the sharpie. I'd just finished a Campfire performance, and had images of UFOs and mirrors on my mind. The UFOs sponsored the rocket pattern shapes, and the idea of mirroring drove most of the composition. 

This is also my first Night Doodle of the project.  As a life long night owl, I journal in the evenings to aid my often difficult transition from consciousness to sleep, and sometimes include little doodles. Sometimes these doodles take up the whole page and grow journal entries of their own. It was actually during one of these expanding doodles that I first conceived The Daily Doodle.  Perhaps that's why this doodle felt more true to the project  -inhibiting concerns about publicly sharing my doodles seemed to vanish in the quiet familiarity of my usual night journal time; I was able to once again immerse myself in the doodle experience and disappear into the black ink flowing freely across the page.

Perhaps that's why all of the eyes are closed in this one...