Daily Doodle #26: Surf Birds

Watercolor on paper. 8" x 5 1/2". 11/30/2013. Purchase a print here.

One of my favorite outcomes from The Daily Doodle Project has been reading the various captions, stories, poems, and titles written by people when they share my doodles. Sometimes, I get the gratification of having effectively communicated a feeling, or a thought through my art, and sometimes I get a glimpse into someone's life experience, or a whole new perspective on a doodle.

Here are some of my favorite responses I received from people about "Surf Birds":

"Out of all the species on earth, the birds have found a way to defy extermination. During the solar eclipse, they use their cylinder flying formation to create a tubular funnel. Which created the ladder to travel planets. One day we will find the passenger pigeon on mars … or maybe Kunare!"

"It reminds me of going on a spirit journey and traveling to the center of yourself."

 "No Limits"

 "Bird Dreams"


The lottery drawing for this doodle has already passed, and the original is now in Tampa, Florida.  However, you can purchase a print of it for $20, if you click here.

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