Daily Doodle #23: Path of the Lotus

Watercolor and sharpie on paper. 6" x 5". 11/27/2103. Win it here.

8 hours of travel with the flu did not leave me dying to do a doodle as I arrived in Tucson. And yet, here it is, Doodle #23. The twisting path of the lotus. I think there might be braille text coming out of each flower, but I can't read braille, so who knows what the words of wisdom are on this path.

To win the original of this painting, share this link on your facebook page and tag Eliza Furmansky Fine Art in it so I know to put your name in my Daily Doodle Lottery Jar. 

Add a title, story, lyric, thought inspired by this doodle, or a translation of the Lotus' words, and I'll put your name in twice!