Daily Doodle #16: Yummy Goodness

Mixed media on paper. 6 1/2" x 5". 11/ 20/2013.

Clearly, I was thinking about Thanksgiving just around the corner.

Also, I'd just finished Meta Doodle, all about capturing the creator at work, which is the heart of this doodle, too.  Another little surprise happened, too: When you put the two doodles adjacent to each other, the lines interface really fluidly, which made me think about the cook in this doodle nourishing the artist in "Meta Doodle."

As someone who LOVES to eat, and doesn't much enjoy cooking at all, this doodle is dedicated to all of the friends and family who have nourished my soul with delicious, thoughtful, creative food for decades! Watching someone who loves practicing the culinary arts has always been like watching a magician perform brilliant alchemy, which is why the scents from the foods in this doodle are clouds of colorful yummy goodness!

A little note about the Yummy Goodness Cook Book: Sometimes I am just SO hungry for something deeply nourishing and tasty but I don't know what it is! I just want a nebulous yummy goodness served to me on a steaming platter emitting scents that feel like slipping into a hot tub. It's that awful itch of desperately yearning for an unknown fix. My loving culinary alchemist in this doodle has the gift of being able to specify and actualize the fix for all yummy goodness yearnings.

To the cooks!

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Add your favorite Yummy Goodness Recipe, or a dedication to the people who nourish YOU, and I'll put your name in the jar twice!