Daily Doodle #12: Story Book Pals

Ink and watercolor pencil on paper. 8 1/2" x 5". 11/ 16/ 2013. Win it here.

Doodle Thoughts:

Perhaps a mermaid, reading a storybook under the sea full of land tales, is greeted by one of the characters, this delightful pig, who pops his head out of the book to say, "Helloink!" and find out more about life beneath the waves...

A Couple of Post Doodle Thoughts:

  1. My favorite title from a fan is: Bedtime for Hammy
  2. I'd heard Anne Bogart lecture that day about stories, and definitely had the whole process of story telling on my mind as I was doodling. Also, the page in the book looks like one of my Daily Doodle posts to me, with the image and the brief writing beneath it, and this is how I seem to be telling most of my stories lately!

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Add a title, story, lyric, or thought inspired by this doodle, and I'll put your name in twice!