Making Wooden Toys for Oliver

I finally met the one year old son of my oldest friend in the world. 

This is Oliver, as you can tell, he's a bright explorer.

Oliver, age 1. Exploring the world.

Oliver, age 1. Exploring the world.


Oliver and his parents came to Open Art Studio on their visit to Seattle.  Someone else had been building a table, so there were lots of leftover scraps of wood lying around.

Elyse picked a few sizes she liked, sanded and painted them, and then sewed an adorable bumble bee colored bag to contain Oliver's brand new set of blocks!

I started playing with the leftover wood, too, and before I knew it I was cutting and gluing, and creating the fun little wooden toy box below. It's only four separate pieces, but you can make all sorts of different towers and boxes  with them.  They're good for exploring stacks and also fitting pieces together.

On the road again, Oliver playing with one of his new toys, as he and his parents set off on Highway 101 to explore the Olympic Peninsula.