30 Blank Canvases

I am participating in Avanti Art & Design's 30/30 show this July, which means that I'll be painting 30 new canvases in the next 30 days!

Here they are, 30 blank 4"x 4" canvases on my table:

30 blank 4 x 4 x 1" canvases sitting on my table, waiting to be painted this month.

I'm excited about the challenge and opportunity that painting EVERY SINGLE DAY presents.  I've gotten into the habit of having one very long interrupted studio day a week to work on larger, more involved pieces, and I'm curious what it will be like to shake up my art schedule, and instead paint something small, daily.

Two thoughts come to mind about this:

One is the story about two ceramics classes who conducted the following experiment: One class was told that their goal for the semester was to create a single superb piece of art, while the other class was told that their goal for the semester was to create as many pieces of art as possible. At the end of the semester, all of the artwork created by the two classes was displayed together. Not only did the class going for quantity over perfection create way more works of art than the other class, but each piece tended to be more stunning, unique and skillfully executed.

The other thought inspired by this next challenge, is found in the words of artist, Faith Ringgold, that I've hung in my studio space for years:

"My dream was to be an artist, one who makes pictures for a lifetime, as a way of life.  Every day of your life you can create something wonderful, so every day is going to be the same kind of wonderful day that every other day is -a day in which you discover something new because you are painting or creating whatever it is you are creating, you are finding new ways of doing it."

These 30 blank canvases on my table, resembling little wrapped presents to be opened one by one, day by day, where will they take me? What worlds will emerge? What will I discover about myself as an artist?