A Seahorse for Aubrey swims into Zaza's Universe

Seahorse from ZAZA FEARLESS RIDES INTO THE UNIVERSE, an oil painting by Eliza Furmansky

Partially painted for my friend, Aubrey, who loves seahorses.

Cool seahorse facts: the name is from the Latin, hippocampus, meaning horse sea monsters; the coronet on the sea horse head is completely unique, like a finger print or a snowflake; the seahorse mating dance is beautiful!-they spin around each other, and in tandem, sometimes they change color; the males carry the eggs to gestation, which can take from a week and a half to 6 and a half weeks; the female visits the male daily while he carries the eggs; many species of seahorses are monogamous.

Also, Project Seahorse is a very cool marine conservation organization, check it out: http://seahorse.fisheries.ubc.ca/