The Forces beneath the Stories


Oil on canvas. 11" x 14". 2011

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This painting was a few firsts for me:

1) It was my first successful improvisation with oil paints; I finally crossed my process over from my more line oriented work.

2) It's the first painting in a series of abstract oil improvisations that focuses on the forces beneath the stories, instead of the stories themselves.

3) It was also the first time I used my ART JAR. I tend to have so many ideas for projects that I get overwhelmed. So, I'd started writing all of the ideas down on slips of paper, folding them, and dropping them in a mason jar. Then on a day that I have cleared to just be in my studio, I go in, unscrew the jar, pull out a piece of paper, and begin. This slip of paper was to make a painting using only 2 colors.... and yes, I broke that rule when it was time to do so in the painting.