Daily Doodles #65

Three really fast ones at 1am because I didn't want to break my promise.  Glad I kept it, too, because I got on facebook to find this lovely note on my wall:

Yo Furmansky - the Loyal Daily Doodle Followers have not seen a new Doodle today (yet), and no new one yesterday. You still have 2 hrs, so I speak for us all (not really) we really do hope you rally the Doodle Elves, or Migrant Workers, or Art Slaves, or take that 3rd hit of Meth to summon up the required inspiration and energy to deliver us a Doodle. How are we to be inspired to write poems, lyrics, short stories, record songs, pen titles, solve World Hunger or bubble wrap and deliver the vulnerable and delicate words that express how the Doodles touch and feed our souls? And don't miss another day, we don't take kindly to that. There might be an Art Revolution, or an abstinence from creativity, or even worse! Patiently waiting for the next Doodle...
- The Loyal Daily Doodle Followers.

Not sure how these doodles fit together yet.  This is the order I doodled them in, from left to right, but they may not be in chronological order.  Definitely wondering how the scribblers will make sense of this!

Cyndi Deaton's take on Numbers Sixty-Five:

Sleepily I stumble to the kitchen.
The smell of coffee reaches my nose
Bringing me to life.

Tasks, challenges to face
I tackle them one at a time.
I am the master of my own destiny.

Leaving the world behind
The challenges of the day left behind
Finding peace in the form of a purring cat."