Over Indulgence


My second painting for 14/48: The World's Quickest Theater Festival; I received a blank 18" x 18" canvas and the theme, "Over Indulgence," after midnight and brought in my completed oil painting at 7pm the next day.

My thoughts on the theme, Over Indulgence, are that human beings are the only animal that do over indulge, and that seems to be what's throwing off the balance in our ecosystem.  A life guard seemed like a most fitting symbol of a cosmic keeper of balance in the universe.  Unfortunately, our life guard is absent from the scene, and we see a dinosaur drowning in a colorful pool of over indulgence  (I was thinking bubbles, but the tight deadline left them as balloons).  Meanwhile a polar bear, not yet extinct, but in danger for sure with it's habitat melting, is sinking in our pool of human over indulgence as well.

(click through the slide show to see the painting in process)