Pastel on paper. 13" x 17".  Win it here  and  PURCHASE A PRINT HERE.

Pastel on paper. 13" x 17". Win it here and PURCHASE A PRINT HERE.


Doodle #74: Summer Teaser

From the Doodler:

Seattle's weather has been a checkerboard of pouring rain and sunshine lately.  It's like a summer teaser; I long for a magical starlit float on a night still blushing warm from a sunny day.

*This is my last "cheating" doodle.  It's actually an illustration project for a class I just took. The assignment was a cover for Huck Finn using pastels.

From the Scribblers:

I finally lived my dream. I lay back on the raft I made myself of logs held together with rope.

I had studied the techniques online, and bought my supplies at the local Home Depot. So I cheated a bit. But I figure it was my dream, so I was allowed to fudge the rules a bit. The internet was helpful in finding a pair of coveralls in my size as well.

It took me some time to get the days off of work. And they couldn’t be just any days, I needed the sun to warm my skin, the moon high in the sky to shine down on me after the sun had set.

But finally, the perfect days arrived. I took my raft, my coveralls, and a picnic basket full of food and beer in my car. The car, beer, and food weren’t quite in the original dream, but again, it was my dream to re-imagine as I desired.

I started up the car and headed for the Mississippi River. I almost turned back when I saw the wide expanse of water. I had never seen a river so wide! But I took a deep breath, and remembered my dream.

So it was that I found myself later that night drifting on the water, sated on food and beer, the moon beaming down on me in my coveralls. The water splashed gently against the edges of my hand-made raft. The shores might not have been as distant as they would have been on the Mississippi River, but as I have said, it was my dream, so the rules were mine to change. I’m sure Huck Finn will understand.

-Cyndi Deaton

From the Sommelier:

This needs some old-timey Huck Finn banjo music to go with it. But it shouldn't be too upbeat. The illustration has a very dreamy quality to it, so the song should too. Huck Finn gets a little dark too, so I'm going with a darker song for this. The old folk song "Deep Blue Sea" by Dan Zanes:

-Dan A.