Colored pencil on paper. 8" x 8". 2/24/14.  PURCHASE A PRINT HERE.


Doodle #72: Bunny Dreams

Favorites from the Scribblers:

After months of growing his whiskers extra bushy, Barton Bunny took a nap, and had dreams of a giant spinach vine floating him through the known bunny universe. Waves of day and night rolled through his head. -Manuel O.

Richie yawned; sleep overwhelming him. But it had been such a good day, he hated to leave it behind. However, sleep wasn’t going to wait much longer. He gathered the green leaves around him and curled up within the tender pile. He closed his eyes and breathed in the leaves’ fresh scent. He felt a passing breeze tickle his ears and fur, as they caressed the leaves that surrounded him. As he drifted off to sleep, the wonders of the day danced behind his eyes, and he drifted off to dreamland with a smile upon his face. -Cyndi D

'Rainbow Swirls Dreamin' -Casey M.

Sleepy bunny you are my power animal!! -Jennifer H.

He dreams in color, he dreams in red. Can't find a Bunny Man! -Jennifer N.

From the Doodle-Song Sommelier:

A children's book illustration needs children's music to go with it. So I'm going with "Mister Rabbit." It's been covered by so many people -- Pete Seeger's version is great. Kids' artist Ralph's World has a great version too. Here's the version from local kids' artist (and founding member of The Presidents of the United States of America) Caspar Babypants.