Watercolor on paper. 8 1/2" x 6". 1/25/2014.   PURCHASE A PRINT HERE.

Watercolor on paper. 8 1/2" x 6". 1/25/2014.  PURCHASE A PRINT HERE.

Doodle #68: Sleeping Beauty's Moonlight Kiss

From the Doodler:

I recently found my childhood copy of Sleeping Beauty, and noticed something new: When the princess pricks her finger on the spindle, she's destined to fall asleep for 100 years.  I'm not sure what the prince's kiss had to do with her waking up, just a coincidence? Perhaps it was the moon that let her know 1200 months had passed with this moonlight kiss...

Also, I received a deck of "Tangle Cards" as a gift, and discovered a plethora of new patterns to play with; Sleeping Beauty's bed chamber gave me a great excuse!  If you like playing with patterns, definitely try out the "Tangle Cards!"

From the Scribblers:

Moonbathing: each full moon she lay beneath an open window, allowing the blue light to illuminate her. It was on these nights that she could feel the turning of the earth and the movement of the seas. It was on these nights that she would travel far. In her dreams she would fly through the sky and perhaps plunge deep into the ocean. When she would awake she would paint magical pictures of the places she had visited during her night travels. She became famous for these paintings and one day, she painted a self-portrait that told of her magical source: She lounged on chaise amidst a colorfully wall-papered room. The light of the full moon shone through the open window, illuminating her skin a brilliant moon blue.  -Liz E.

Grey moons hovered over bright woven colourscapes. The fabric of dreams...emboldening the patterns familiar to her soul. 'Be Bold' whispered the moon. Her eyelids slid into the path of night and the colours of her heart sang freely. –Anna A.

I fly beneath
the weight of reflection
light of bouncing light
holding still my form
in bathing mystery
hovering between desire,
gravity and

the seductive dream –Jeff G.

Sleeping Scheherezada. She is tired from telling stories to the King  -Avishai F.

She dreamed of dancing in the moonlight, with gentle breezes caressing her skin and stars to guide her steps. -Jennifer H.

Diana Incarnate –Astrid V.

Pablo Moon – Todd L.

My Beautiful Annabel Lee –Marc G.

Oh no, you're going to get a moon burn! -Elijah H.

Sleeping Beauty smiles in her sleep, perhaps knowing by her internal clock that her long sleep is at last reaching an end. As the final minutes tick away, she stirs, and feels the soft cushion beneath her body and a soft caress on her bare skin.

One hundred years have passed, but because of the magical quality of her sleep, not one of those years shows on her face or body. Her skin is smooth beneath the gentle caress. She moans quietly in the last seconds of sleep.

Slowly her eyes open to greet the one who was there to greet her at the end of her enchanted slumber. High above her chamber, a full moon shines down on the princess, highlighting her beauty with its rays. Sleeping Beauty realizes that she has a whole new world to explore. But first, she enjoys her reawakening sensations. She lays back and basks in the moonlight, content.
-Cyndi Deaton

From the Doodle-Song Sommeliers:

This made me think of Goodnight Moon immediately, so that's my song choice -- "Goodnight Moon" by Shivaree (Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata is also decent for this -- though my pick for this is definitely the Shivaree song.) -Dan A.

Showing my age here, but somehow I just want to link this to Carol King's "Tapestry". Eliza Furmansky may well be too young to know the tune. -Karri M.

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