Watercolor collage. 7 1/2" x 6". 1/7/2014. Win it here. Purchase a print here.

Daily Doodle #60: Scrap Angel

I finished work today, and was ready to do my daily doodle, when I realized that I'd left most of my doodle supplies at my Open Art Studio yesterday.  At my apartment, I had a file of scrap paper, an exacto knife, and some glue; I didn't want to go out again, so I made do.  You could say, I was saved by the Scrap Angel.  

The scraps forming Scrap Angel came from an afternoon in Tucson over a year ago, when I took my friend, Tara, to the art store to get her some watercolors.  We messed around with them on a sheet of paper, using a relief, some iridescent colors, and some glazing, and I ended up with the sheet of paper we used.

The energy forming Scrap Angel is pure Open Art Studio energy -that fearless, creative freedom born inside a space filled with people of all ages making daring leaps of art.

Before every studio day, I slightly question my sanity, and yet, with Scrap Angel watching over the day, it always seems to work out. Yesterday, we had eight people, age 10-67, painting, collaging, sewing, drawing, designing, doing calligraphy, and making stained glass art!

Thank you, Scrap Angel, and thank you yesterday's fearless artists. I hope to see you all again soon!

Favorites from the Scribblers:

"spines and sails
legs of the bare
feet on the trail
scraps in the juice
Jumbling about
like un-cooked stew
everything is ready....
but it hasn't found
a place to sing

-Jeff Greenlee


"For the first time today I chose a guided meditation to wake me out of bed and into the day, and as I sat there, the borders of my body began to sink away until there was just the surrounding noise around me and the incredible noise within, with only the finest border to distinguish me from the rest. All beautiful and chaotic and overwhelming in the same flowing instant."

-Hannah Perls

"Rushing through life
My steps harried
Head down
I focus internally
The world passing by in a blur

But once in a great while
I hear music in my head
That stops the rush
And starts the dance
The colors of the world
Join in my frolic
And together
We celebrate"

-Cyndi Deaton

"Scrap Angel is just that, a scrappy take no sh*t angel that, like her cousin Honey Badger, gets into all kinds of fabrics scissor wars and battles of paper cuts! She fights for the name of Style, for Sparkle, for the love of Bling. Legend says she never existed, some say she is a combination of many true real life heroines, or just a clever retelling of some old tired myth. They try to discredit her, debunk her. But when the days are long, and the nights longer, the trueness of the Scrappy Angel reveals her clarity, her pureness, her grit! Live long, Scrappy Angel, live long!"

-Casey Muldoon