Ink on paper. 5" x 7 1/2". 12/20/13.

Daily Doodle #46: Time Traveling Sparkle Party

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From the Doodler:

Today's date is the address on this time traveling sparkle machine dance party.  Funny, since the Holiday "Sparkle Party" I'm going to is tomorrow night... can't argue with a time traveling doodle, though. Then again, I'd be awfully disappointed to show up bedecked in sequins and glitter at the wrong date.

From the Doodle Scribblers:

"Calendar pages flip madly
as our funky, sparkling,
digital dance party
slides through the inevitable last page
into the wild possibilities ahead." -Cyndi D.

From the Doodle/Song Sommelier:

"This one was tough. I tried quite a few songs. This piece has definite digital elements to capture with the date and rectangles on our time machine. But the there's a natural element too with the sky and the moon and clouds and evergreens. And there's a window into this other pink and wild world. At first I really wanted to go with Derezzed by Daft Punk because it starts with some outdoor thunder sounds before it gets digital. But I associate it too much with Tron, and it really is just a little too digital sounding for this piece (which is why it works for Tron). In the end, I thought Star Guitar by The Chemical Brothers captures the sense of journey and other-worldiness of our time traveling sparkle dance party -- and that's my pairing for this piece."