Daily Doodle #41: Cloud Doodles

Watercolor on paper. 4 1/2" x 7". 12/15/2013.   Purchase a print here.

From the Doodler:

I tried something different today.  I really enjoyed using black watercolor paint yesterday, on The Mean Doodle Mistress, and then today, as I was stuck in miserable traffic, I glanced up and caught a small flock of birds silhouetted against a gray cloudy sky, and thought that would be fun to play with when I got home.

I ended up getting completely caught up in the gray watercolor clouds, finding little pictures in them, and giving them just a little more definition. (It was awfully hard to choose which way to orient this one because I doodled different cloud pictures from different angles.)

I hope you enjoy looking for the different faces, cougars, an elephant, a couple of birds, a skull, an eagle mask, a monkey, a wolf, and who knows what else you might find in these clouds!

From a Scribbler:

This fierce and beautiful poem was written for this doodle by Talena Lachelle:

Iā€™d ride the back
of a crow to get closer
to our cloud songs
to feel the fine
hairs of your face between
sunbeams, my high notes
and your baritones serenade
the sky, summons the flock- and I say
let them come hear our song
twisting, turning,
fists full of feathers soaring
higher, higher, higher
where no fragile butterfly dare