Daily Doodle #25: Night Walker

Watercolor on paper. 8" x 5 1/2". 11/29/2013

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I had such a beautiful walk in the desert today, sun on my skin, birds chirping, cacti blooming, mountains in the background, and I had everything I needed in my pack- such a good feeling.

Unfortunately, my black permanent ink pen exploded on the plane, and I dripped black ink onto the sky of this doodle commemorating my desert stroll. I covered it up with gold flecks dancing in the sunset.

I like thinking of this "Night Walker" as a "Shadow bringer" -where she walks the sun sets, and stars burn in her footsteps. It's a little Sisyphus, though, like she's always chasing the sun and never quite reaching it.  Then again, I've always liked thinking of Sisyphus as reveling in the work of pushing the stone up to the top of the mountain, and gleefully watching as it rolls down again. So maybe our little "Sun chaser/Night walker/Shadow bringer" enjoys the hunt, forever following the golden purples, pinks, oranges of the setting sun as she walks across the world.