Daily Doodle #19: Magical Writing Spectacles

Ink, silver sharpie and watercolor on watercolor paper. 8 1/2" x 5"

Purchase a print here.

It started with a face, and it looked like the kind face of a good listener. I gave her some glasses, and magical rays shot out of them. It was still missing a setting; I looked into the upper left quadrant of the page, and I saw a writer's desk, so I doodled it into the background.

Now our kind friend with the magical spectacles is a writer, seeing worlds, shaping them with her words, and sharing the magic on paper. There's a colored square on her calendar as well, because good writers (and creators of all sorts) know they need to reserve a little time on their calendars to make the magic happen. 

I wanted to give our kind writer some magical imagination spectacles, because my friend Cyndi, whose birthday is today, was having a bit of a struggle with NaNoWriMo today (She's written 35,333 words so far this month!!!) and I think all writers should have access to magical spectacles when they need them.

So, this doodle is for the writers, who show up at the page day after day, creating worlds and ideas for us to go explore. May they always have magical spectacles when they need them! ...and may we always have wonderful stories to read!