Daily Doodle #15:  Metadoodle

Ink and marker on paper. 8 1/2" x 5". 11/ 19/ 2013

Purchase print here.

My plan was to write a blog entry today about some of the surprising outcomes, discoveries, and thoughts I've had about The Daily Doodle Project, now that I'm two weeks into it. Somehow, I ended up doodling longer than expected, though. (This happens to be one of the surprises of the project so far.)  So, I'm getting this posted now, running off to teach a kids class at Quantum Martial Arts, and hopefully later, I'll have some more time to write, and add to this post.

In case that doesn't happen, enjoy this Meta Doodle, compiling several pieces of doodles thus far, with inspiration raining in from the Doodle Muses, and Little Red Doodle Warrior Dude attempting to get it all down.

Signing off for now,

~Little Red Doodle Warrior Dude